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H is for Hayden

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It's October again, leaves are comin' down [
10/1/04 at 10:39am]
[ mood | tired ]

In honor of this oh-so-favorite-of-mine month of the year, I present to you...a new layout. Though, the new layout has little to do with October, and I'm waiting not-so-excitedly for Megan's anonymous comment talking about how she can't believe that I have a PURPLE and GIRLY layout. Either after or before this, my lovely little beautiful sister Gayle is going to comment about how I have finally seen the light and am converting to the teenybopper ways that she so cherishes and fanatically lives out.

But no, dear readers. I believe I will have to stop you before you too leave a message congratulating me on my newfound lightheartedness, my new appreciation for the happy, the peppy, the cheerful things in life. Because I still hate you all. I just like the 20s. Not only that, I pretty much look exactly like that cartoon chick that whoever made this layout used, and if you don't believe me, then I will kindly direct you to my default icon, in which I have short, blonde, curly hair, and a purple dress. Also, I look pretty damn retro in that picture, so you can just take your 'you don't look anything like the cartoon chick in the layout' comments and shove them up your asses. =)

And that is all I have to say.

I have a new layout.

No deep lyrics.

No long discussion about abortion or the rights of gay people.

No rants about the system.

I just have a new layout.

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Imperfect cry and scream in ecstasy [
9/29/04 at 1:26pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

You Are A Blueberry Martini

You are a eclectic drink - liking to change drinks and venues often. You are usually the first of your friends to find a cool new dive bar or cocktail.
You should never: Drink mystery drinks strangers hand you. Unless you want to wind up in foreign country.
Your ideal party: Is mobile, hopping from party to party.
Your drinking soulmates: Those with an Orange Martini personality.
Your drinking rivals: Those with a Chocolate Martini personality.

Chocolate martinis...watch out.
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Pull me out of the aircrash [
9/28/04 at 4:25pm]
[ mood | blah ]

So, I just got back from the doctor because my mom told me I had to go get my check-up TODAY, or she and dad wouldn't be covering my ass next time I get sick. ...Not that I need them to cover my ass, and not that my mother actually used the phrase 'we won't cover your ass next time!', but you get the main idea. And do you know what the doctor told me? "If you don't quit smoking, young lady, there will be serious consequences. Have you even heard of lung cancer? Peripheral vascular disease? Emphysema? Chronic bronchitis? Buerger's disease? Your children could have birth defects."

And do you want to know what I said? Of course you do. I said:

"Got a light?"

I was joking, of course, but the doctor was like... "Your health is nothing to joke about." Jeez, I get that the guy is a doctor, but he doesn't get that I'm too far gone with the nicotine addiction that I am never coming back. On TOP of that, I'm never having children, so I'm not even going to worry about birth defects. As for those other diseases...everyone has to die of something, right? I know, I know, it's horrible, that sounds horrible, but it's TRUE! And besides, it's not my fault. It's entirely those guys from high school that gave me my first cigarette. It's all THEIR fault. But hey, at least we'll all die of lung cancer/emphysema/chronic bronchitis together.

I'm not sending a very good message to the kiddies, am I? Oh wells. Well, I guess I do have one. Don't have sex or you'll die. Wait, that's Mean Girls, or a variant of a quote FROM Mean Girls...Don't smoke. Just don't. Trust me. It seems cool and not-threatening at first, but pretty soon, you'll going through a pack without even realizing that you ARE going through a pack. You'll just be sitting there and find a cigarette in your hand, and you'll have no idea how it got there.


And other drugs.

But consentual sex is nothing to say no to. ...Unless it's with someone a million years older than you, like the janitor or...your teacher. Have SOME morals, ladies! But yeah, sex with the hot frontman with the tongue ring...? Definitely acceptable. Just make sure you have a condom, because you might get crabs just from looking at him...Okay, I'm going to stop giving the Hayden Sex Ed./Morality class. I'm clearly not cut out to be a mentor to impressionable young adults.

Anyway... So I'm back from the doctor and I've got my iPod on shuffle. Guess who comes on first? Radiohead, and their song "Lucky". Has anyone ever noticed how incredibly kickass this song is? I mean, of course you have, it's not exactly in the new release section at Sam Goody, but still. I think a lot of times, bands like Radiohead get taken for granted...what would we do without them? We'd be stuck with regular emo crap. I mean, seriously, is there really another bad like Radiohead out there? Their songs are all so...unabashedly THEM. They aren't afraid to get creative. And it's not like I can just sit down and have Radiohead playing in the background. I have to listen to the lyrics, try to digest them, cut open ever phrase and exegete the meaning. It's like with R.E.M. or The Beatles, or Joy Division or The Jam. But I have to say, Radiohead is one of my favorites because...sometimes you just want to listen to a bunch of slow, meaningful songs. You don't want thrashing angry death metal, or relentless guitar solos...you just want to be soothed. Radiohead is perfect for that.

LuckyCollapse )

Anyway, this is getting to be a little too long, so I'm gonna cut out and go work on the latest Toblerones song. =) I'll keep you guys updated more with us and what's going on, but I sometimes forget, cos I do that so much on our MySpace... So if you ever want a long rant about our creative process and what's going on with us personally and emotionally rather than just...bandily. Musically? Just ask and I'll rant about it in here.

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See it all dissolve around you [
9/26/04 at 1:01am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

So, sitting here at 1 AM with my shiny laptop, listening to this song by Keane...

She Has No TimeCollapse )

And if you haven't heard of Keane, then I think you deserve to be educated. Google Keane right now or go on your illegal file-sharing program (Kazaa, Limewire, whatevs) and download something by them, because I guarantee it will be worth it. They're like my medication when I need to chill. So is Jimmy Eat World, but I digress. Anyway, I basically was listening to that song and checking out people's LJs and the lyrics are, clearly 'she has no time', and then all these people are whining about the fact that their lives are so busy. Why go online and post about it? Why do people come on here and post about things when they could be out DOING them? I guess I'm sort of a hypocrite, since this is a long entry about the fact that people come on here and whine about things or fight about things, but don't do anything to change anything, or fight FOR anything. You know the difference between fighting for something and fighting about something? Seriously, what's the last thing you fought for something that meant something to you? Fight for your right to party, fight like a brave, fight the power...whatever. Isn't it like, a huge difference?

Kind of like with Waverly Heights Academy drama and RENT. The tightasses up in administration, or whoever is against the production, aren't funding them because of "questionable content". The Toblerones have been asked to play a revue for RENT in support of them, and at first I was really hesitant because...hello? Cameron Steele as Roger. Hardly seems worth it. But now that I think about it...y'know, that's immature. What does the fact that Cameron Steele is in it have to do with the fact that the WHA players are fighting an uphill battle with the administration for a production that's been out since 1994 or 1995, or something, have to do with anything? It shouldn't. So yeah, if any of you WHA drama people that possibly have this link from my MySpace account, or the 'Rones MySpace, are reading this...we're a definite on your revue. RENT isn't about HIV/AIDS as a cause of homosexuality or drug use. Those elements are in the musical, but...hello? This is fucking 2004. Shouldn't we be a little bit more tolerant or understanding or EDUCATED to know that these are issues that plague us at this very moment?

Check this out, guys...Collapse )

I'm not trying to turn this into some righteous AIDS fight, but I know how the conservative assholes at WHA think. They think that by putting on a show that portrays people with disease, with 'alternative lifestyles', that they are in some way promoting people to go out there and shoot up, etcetera. Most of them have not ever even seen or read RENT. And I am going to assume (because I crossed aforementioned conservative WHA admins several times during my high school career) that they think the entire play portrays people with AIDS as people who think it's no big deal, or that they don't deal with it at all in any serious context. Not that if they KNEW about the serious context, they'd approve. They'd want something happy-go-lucky that doesn't bother anyone... like "Annie". The sun'll come out tomorrow, right Annie?! ...God, I have always hated that expression, or song, or whatever the hell you wanna call it. 'The sun will come out tomorrow', so WHAT? How miserable do you have to be for that to cheer you up? Hey, I know your life sucks right now, and you don't have any family or friends, but...it's gonna be sunny tomorrow! ...Is that supposed to make you happy?

...This is turning into a rant. Just know that The Toblerones are in full support of the WHA players doing RENT and shoving it in the administration's faces. Do us proud, people, even if your name IS Cameron Steele and you're bound to suck anyway.

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I've spent my last night strung up and pulled tight [
9/19/04 at 5:52pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Just got this quiz off of D-Money's el-jay, and thought I would share the unsurprising results with everyone. Because, really, what kind of kiss was I GOING to get? Definitely not something lame like... "mysterious kisser" (insert significant glance at Cameron Steele here), definitely not.

You have a dominant kiss- you take charge and make
sure your partner can feel it! Done artfully,
it can be very satisfactory if he/she is into
you playing the dominant role MEOW!

What kind of kiss are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Aaaaaand no one is surprised. (Especially not my old boyfriends.)

So, yesterday pretty much kicked ass. Get this: The Toblerones + Dani + Alfred Hitchcock DVDs = madness! Let's see, we watched The Birds and Psycho first, and Dani kept jumping the rest of the night whenever she heard a tapping on the window or a bird-like noise. In fact, I believe she was afraid to use the toilet because she thought a bird would somehow manage to work its way up through the pipes and fly out at her. (I love Dani, she's so silly.) Then we watched Rear Window and Vertigo, but we fell asleep halfway through Vertigo...we felt really guilty! But we had been eating popcorn and life savers (weird, I know, but whatever) all night, and yes, we actually did have a pillow fight, and we gossiped, and prank called all our old boyfriends, and it was generally a blast. When I woke up, it was just me and Dani cos the other two-thirds of the Toblerones went out for donuts, but apparently I fell asleep with my head in Dani's lap, and Dani had her head on Megan's shoulder, because she was all shlumped over in a weird angle and had a crick in her neck.

Then we ate donuts and got fat.

Then Dani left to go take a shower and go to work (sell-out!)

Then I was alone.

With cleaning duty.

It sucked.

The end.
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